Home Insurance Coverage Options

Home coverage options

Whether you are getting a new quote for home insurance or considering changing your existing coverage, we encourage you to consider the following homeowner insurance coverage options.

Higher deductibles can save you money

Increasing your deductibles could reduce the total cost of your homeowner policy by up to 50%.

Scheduling jewelry, fur, silverware, & fine arts

By scheduling items on your homeowner policy, an item can have much broader coverage and the need for a policy deductible could be eliminated.

Extended dwelling

If a repair or replacement of your home exceeds the amount of dwelling coverage listed on the declarations page of your policy, this coverage will provide an extra 25 to 50% of dwelling coverage.

Identity theft

Should you become a victim of identity theft, this option will cover the expenses of recovering your identity. Learn more about our Kansas identity theft insurance coverage.

Water backup and sump pump overflow

Should your home be damaged by water from a sewer back-up or drain or sump pump malfunction, this option provides coverage for those damages.

In-home business

This option provides premises liability coverage for business activities conducted in the home, as well as a limited amount of business property coverage.


An additional deductible for this option provides coverage for damage to your home and possessions caused by an earthquake in Kansas.

Kansas Home Daycare Insurance

This option provides liability coverage for a Kansas home daycare operation for up to three children.

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